O'Meara Lecture Series

Lectures on critical topics in international affairs

IU established the Patrick O'Meara Lecture Series in 2011 in honor of IU's first Vice President for International Affairs. The lecture series brings distinguished guests to the Bloomington campus to address timely topics in international affairs.

Next lecture

To be determined.

Previous lectures

Dr. Roberto Salinas-León
President, Mexico Business Forum
"Towards a Prosperous North American Partnership: Issues and Challenges"
March 21, 2018

Dr. Narendra Jadhav
Member of Parliament of India, economist, policy maker, and author
"India and the United States: Caste, Race, and Economic Growth"
November 14, 2016
Video of the lecture is available at https://broadcast.iu.edu/events/omera-lecture-Jadhav.html.

Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.
Former U.S. Ambassador to China and Singapore and former Governor of Utah
"U.S. and China: Challenges and Opportunities"
September 16, 2015
Video of the lecture is available at https://broadcast.iu.edu/events/omera-lecture-huntsman.html

Sir Hew Strachan
Professor, School of International Relations, University of St. Andrews
The Centenary of the First World War: Commemoration or Celebration?
April 15, 2015

Lee A. Feinstein
Former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Poland and founding dean of the IU School of Global and International Studies, College of Arts and Sciences
Back to the Future:  Old Challenges and New, and the Capacity of International Institutions to Cope
April 1, 2014
Video of the lecture is available at https://broadcast.iu.edu/events/omera-lecture-feinstein.html.

Richard G. Lugar
Former U.S. senator from Indiana
“American Foreign Policy: Challenges and Opportunities”
February 18, 2013

Timothy Roemer
Former representative from Indiana and former U.S. ambassador to the Republic of India
“India: Geopolitical, Economic, and Strategic Partner for the 21st Century”
November 9, 2011