RUC-IU Joint Funding

Renmin University of China - Indiana University Joint Funding Program

Call for Proposals 2018-2019

To encourage and support faculty who wish to generate ongoing teaching and research partnerships, Indiana University and Renmin University of China (RUC) have established a strategic seed fund to initiate cross-institutional collaborations. Each university will contribute US$10,000 or its equivalent in Renminbi each year and commit to encouraging faculty and academic staff to seek support for joint projects from this fund.

The fund is intended to facilitate substantive research collaborations that result in tangible outputs, such as publications and grant applications, within two years of receiving an award. Applicants are expected to demonstrate the feasibility of their research plan.

Eligible activities would include but are not limited to:

  • Visits to engage with research groups to establish new contacts and explore possibilities for future collaboration;
  • Preparation of collaborative bids to attract research funding;
  • Facilitating internationally co-authored publications;
  • Development of new interdisciplinary research programs;
  • Other items that facilitate the collaboration among researchers at both universities.

Applications are open to all social sciences and arts disciplines. However, for the 2018 competition, proposals are particularly welcome in the areas of law, public policy, public administration and sociology.

About the funding

For each program, in each academic year faculty can apply for funding ranging from USD$500 to USD$10,000. Programs are divided into two types: general programs (smaller scale and lower cost) and major programs (bigger scale, higher cost, and more ambitious outputs).

In this round, grants can be made for periods of up to three years. The maximum amount of funding available for any one project would be USD$30,000 over the full three year period. One-year period projects are as welcome as longer-term initiatives.

Each university will provide its lead applicant with an equivalent amount of funds. The grant funds can be spent over the course of the grant period on travel, accommodations, workshops, facilities use and other expenses related to meetings or the preparation of external funding proposals, as specified at the time of the proposal.

Participation from other universities in projects and partnerships is permitted but cannot be funded through this scheme.

Proposal guidelines

Applications to the Fund should be prepared using the Indiana University-Renmin University Strategic Seed Fund Application Form. It is expected that this form will be completed jointly by the lead applicants at each institution and duplicate copies submitted to each institution. Applications should be discussed jointly, and submitted by a lead applicant from one institution, with a statement of support from a lead applicant at the other institution. Applications should include how the budget allocation will be split between collaborators.

Proposals may come from individual faculty members or a group of faculty but should have IU and Renmin faculty members as lead applicants in all cases. Lead applicants at Renmin can only be official and full time faculty. At IU, the Fund is open to tenure or tenure track faculty from all disciplines whose contract of employment extends to at least the end of the proposed period. Non-tenure track faculty and staff are ineligible to apply to the Fund.

Proposals should be submitted in English and should include the following components:

  • Timeframe/Date for the project
  • Budget calculation and budget justification
  • Written statement of support from a lead applicant at the other university
  • Information on project leaders at both universities and list of other project participants

Selection criteria

The review committee will assess applications according to the:

  • appropriateness of proposed participants;
  • potential for enhancing research quality;
  • potential for generating high quality research outputs, e.g. collaborative research bids and joint publications;
  • potential for generating research income; and
  • scope for further development of this partnership / network once the initial funding period has ended.

Recipient reporting requirements

Successful principle applicants will be expected to submit reports detailing progress towards anticipated outcomes and outcomes to date. Reports will be shared with both partner institutions.

Both universities may publicize the activities supported by this Fund, and recipients are expected to engage in this process.

Proposal deadline

The upcoming submission deadlines are November 1, 2018 and April 1, 2019.

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