Strategic Plan

The 2015 Indiana University International Strategic Plan (ISP) builds on the 2008 ISP—the first such plan for IU. Since 2008, IU has succeeded in implementing key goals and continuing priorities set forth in the Plan and thus has expanded and enhanced its international engagements. These include:

  • Higher enrollments in study abroad, internship and service-learning programs
  • Diversified study-abroad destinations, for example, more participation in Asian programs
  • More international students enrolled
  • Expanded and improved instruction in foreign languages
  • Strategic approach to international affiliations and partnerships
  • Increased international grants and contracts
  • More attention to international fundraising, with a special focus on assisting students studying abroad

Many of these initiatives remain priorities in the 2015 ISP. In a few instances, goals in the previous plan that were not implemented are reformulated or dropped from the 2015 ISP. On the other hand, many specific goals in the previous plan have been fully implemented and do not reappear in the new ISP, including:

  • Reduction in  structural disincentives to study-abroad participation
  • Establishment of criteria for selecting international partners
  • Strengthened procedure for evaluation of ongoing affiliations
  • Implementation of review and approval process for offshore academic programs

There are new goals as well in the 2015 Plan.  These include:

  • Establishment of an international network of six or more IU gateway offices for key countries and regions
  • Invigoration of programs that reconnect international alumni to the institution
  • Development of a partnership between the IU Foundation, IU Alumni Association, the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs, and unit-based development offices that promote international fundraising in support of academic operations

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