In pursuit of its mission and in accordance with the international strategic plan, OVPIA supports projects and initiatives that

  • Help build the global competencies of IU students and faculty
  • Forge productive international research partnerships
  • Engage IU experts in development, training, and institution-building projects overseas


The mission of the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs is to serve all eight campuses of the university, provide leadership and advocacy for their international programs, projects, and activities, and coordinate the resources necessary to sustain their growth. Its services and programs offer many avenues that enable students, faculty, and staff to pursue international knowledge and experience. To implement its mission, the office

  • Provides systemwide support and immigration services for international students, faculty, and visiting scholars
  • Provides leadership and direction concerning international student recruitment, admission, and retention initiatives
  • Provides review, oversight, and authorization of all IU-sponsored activities that involve students studying or traveling abroad
  • Develops and administers systemwide study abroad programs
  • Develops and administers systemwide exchange programs for faculty and students
  • Maintains strategic partnerships with select peer institutions abroad in priority countries; provides review and oversight of IU’s agreements with overseas institutions of higher education and cross-border activities
  • Increases the university’s capacity to provide institution-building abroad through externally funded technical- and development-assistance projects
  • Offers grant opportunities for international travel by faculty and students, intensive language training for faculty, international training for graduate students, and the hosting of scholars from abroad for short-term visits to IU
  • Disseminates news and information on international scholarship and activities throughout the IU system
  • Advises the Office of the President on official protocol for visits of international dignitaries to the university