Sideli Elected to CIEE Board

Kathleen Sideli with committee chairs at the CIEE Conference 2010

For more than 60 years, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) has been at the center of high school and collegiate international exchange, with study abroad programs for undergraduates, teaching abroad for faculty, seminars, and work and internship opportunities.  CIEE announced in June that Kathleen Sideli, IU Associate Vice President for Overseas Study, has been elected to the CIEE Board of Directors.  The appointment will mean not only that IU will have access to the latest developments in international exchange, it will also have an impact on future directions of global education.

“Having direct access to CIEE decision making will help IU,” explains Sideli.  “We currently send 200 students a year on CIEE programs all over the world.  We have a vested interest in ensuring that the programs are affordable and of high academic quality and that they will provide a safe and secure environment for our students.”

Sideli will be one of only two study abroad professionals on the board.  She brings 30 years of study abroad administrative experience as well as nationally recognized expertise in policymaking and data collection and analysis.  “CIEE has had many upper-level staff leadership changes, and I hope to be able to assist the board as they ponder new directions in the coming years.”